Humble Organics is a mother+daughter run, organic and natural body care line. From their studio just outside of Chicago, they produce simple, pure, and handmade products that are effective, yet gentle enough for all skin types, and all ages! Instead of using harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, they’ve developed a non-toxic approach using plant-based ingredients. Their products are not only good for consumers, they are good for the environment.

​Our Story:
Annemarie Ruiz is a hippie at heart
 who loves to do all things creative, among raising 3 small humans. She was a Commercial Food and Product Photographer for 14 years whose passion for helping others, and giving back inspired her to branch out and start a new journey.

As a mother trying to alleviate her young daughter’s eczema symptoms, she was disheartened by so many products on shelf that were filled with
chemicals and synthetic ingredients. She decided to take matters into her own hands and began formulating skincare products for her family’s daily use. With her little daughter by her side, in 2018 Humble Organics was born! 

Today, Humble Organics products are carried in Anthropologie, Whole Foods, and over 250 boutiques and spas around the world.  Annemarie, Liliana, and their team are on a mission to not only spread health and happiness to their customers, but to their community. Humble Organics donates 5% of profits to Lydia Home Chicago, a safe haven for children that is close to their home and their hearts.