KIDS Lovely Bath Bomb Set

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Love what you do…and what you put in and on your child’s body. Our bath bombs are handcrafted using the best plant derived, pure, and simple ingredients. Finally, a bath bomb product your little one will love as much as you do. Soak it all in!

Includes: 4 3oz bath bombs
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Rose Kaolin Clay, Grapefruit Essential Oil*, Bergamont Essential Oil*, Witch Hazel* *Organic

*The goal is for our packing is to be plastic-free and 100% eco-friendly very soon. Currently sold with the following recyclable packaging elements:
-Kraft Paper Bath Bomb Wrap
-Bath Bomb Sticker

Please Note: All products are handmade with love, and will be ready to ship within one week of purchase.